Thursday, November 20, 2014

#72 YUMZ November Releases

Be Yourself.
You are wonderful just as you are!

Below are the new releases for November from YUMZ make sure that you go and get them. I love how the mesh skirts fit. They have some awesome colors of course I had to choose a few Pink ones. All the outfits come with appliers so they are awesome for anyone really. I hope everyone is staying warm this November and just think in about 30days it will be Christmas!!

Outfit-- [YumZ]ScotchCandy*ButterCreme
other colors (Blueberry, Chocolate, Licorice, Strawberry)
★Shoes-- Waldorf Design. Rose High Heels Fatpack

Outfit-- [YumZ]CaraDress*IvorySwirl

Outfit-- [YumZ]IndianHarvest*Pink/Ivory
also in colors (white/pink, Tan/orange, Grey/Turquoise, Brown/Tan, Black/White)

Outfit-- [YumZ]ZipDownSweats*Pink
also in colors (Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey)

★Shoes-- [YumZ]Hail Mary Heels (Slink High)

★Hair 1-- MOON // Hair // Naturals - Dot @: : K U S T O M 9  : :
★Hair 2-- MINA - Simone - Ombres 1.0 @: : K U S T O M 9  : :
★Hair 3-- little bones. Rapunxel - Ombre&Roots 
★Hair 4-- Exile::Rising Tides Naturals

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